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What we stand for

  1. Promote the Moulded Pulp as a sustainable solution in politics, businesses and society
  2. Create a strong lobby for pulp: influence the decision making and law making process in politics to anchor pulp products in local and European legislation
  3. Create a networking and educational platform for all companies and organisations working in and around moulded pulp
  4. Foster and conduct research and development in the are of moulded pulp
  5. Set standards and certificates to build trust and reliability for users
  6. Conduct industry and market studies
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Watch this short video to learn who we are, how we work, and what we are aiming to achieve.

Our mission


Facilitating the exchange of know-how, the creation of joint ventures and the stimulation of investment and trade within the EU Common Market.


Representing the interests of producers, users and affiliates of moulded pulp products at the EU level, speaking to policy makers with one voice.

Facilitating Innovation

Promoting the development of next generation molding pulp technologies, common standards and collaboration between partners of our industry.

EMPPA is the voice to change for a more sustainable world

EMPPA is the voice for all producers, users and affiliates of moulded pulp products in Europe. It promotes moulded pulp in politics, businesses and society and helps to form a truly sustainable circular economy.

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