Our Goals

EMPPA pursues the goal of creating a circular economy by developing bio-based, food-safe and fully recyclable packaging materials, setting up efficient collection systems and close collaboration between all partners in the moulded pulp value chain.

Together with your members, our mission is to promote moulded pulp materials, products and solutions through effective legislation at the EU level, facilitate networking and collaboration between stakeholders, conduct research and studies, and contribute to the setting of standards and certificates to boost transparency, reliability and trust in moulded pulp. 

The amount of packaging and packaging waste has been rising steadily in recent years, faster than the gross national income, which leads to soaring greenhouse gas emissions, the overexploitation of natural resources, biodiversity loss and pollution. In the EU, half of all paper produced is now used for packaging with three billion trees being cut down annually around the world to meet the demand for paper packaging.

We believe that processing secondary raw materials from agricultural waste instead of primary wood fiber into moulded pulp plays a key role in containing these negative impacts, reducing waste and pollution from single-use plastic and microplastic.

Combining moulded pulp packaging products with plant-based barrier coatings made from natural waxes makes them a fully sustainable alternative to single-use plastic formats. From this perspective, a 75% recovery target for packaging made from paper and cardboard until 2026 and 85% until 2031 in our view is realistic.

By developing and scaling up advanced fiber moulding technology across different applications and industries, the moulded pulp industry will contribute to the ambitious goals set out in the Paris Climate Agreement, the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and the transition towards a sustainable, healthy, low-carbon economy outlined in the EU Green Deal.

By producing renewable bio-based products and materials from waste and biomass in an innovative, sustainable and circular way, our member organisations will contribute to the climate neutrality target by 2050 while creating green jobs and driving economic growth in regions across Europe.

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