EU Corner: European elections 2024

Postponement of the EPS ban in France is off the table.

The European Parliament elections had an impact on the political situation in France: President Macron has called for snap elections.

The new government will consist of a centre-left coalition that will likely adhere to existing laws, including the ban on packaging made in whole or in part from styrenic polymers or co-polymers that are not recyclable and cannot be integrated into a recycling stream. The EPS ban will therefore come into force as planned from 2025.

In general, the elections to the European Parliament resulted in losses for the liberal and social democratic parties (S&D and RE) and slight gains for parties in the conservative EVP group and the right-wing conservative EKR group.

EMPPA assessment:

Overall, the picture will become clearer with the formation of the political groups in the European Parliament and the formation of the new EU Commission.

We expect a stronger trend towards more business-friendly directives and regulations while at the same time adhering to the European Green Deal and its implementation, so Alexander Schulz, press officer of the EMPPA.

The French government’s declaration of intent may serve as an ex-ample: Ostensibly a concession to industry to extend the deadline, the EPS ban would re-main anyhow. Rather than procrastinating and be ahead of the game, EMPPA members should therefore encourage their customers to replace EPS products by more sustainable natural packaging solutions made of moulded pulp.

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